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The Birth of Bootleg Barbecue

There is something reminiscent of America’s prohibition era in the way that Bootleg Barbecue Sauce was originally created, packaged and distributed. Bootleg Barbecue began as Rich Hall’s desire to create a sweet barbecue sauce with a surprise kick of spice. Like any new recipe should be, the original batches of Bootleg Barbecue Sauce were tested on some of the bravest: in this case, Hall’s fellow fire firefighters on the local volunteer fire department. Upon first taste the firemen gave their seal of approval and thus the trafficking of Bootleg Barbecue Sauce spread like, well, wildfire.

Though Hall never worked in secret beneath the shine of the moon to create his recipe, he did take pride in the fact that the sauce, much like prohibition era alcohol, was sought after by many. Comparable to the way moonshine had once been distributed, Bootleg Barbecue was originally canned in mason jars and hand delivered to friends and family members with Bootleg Barbecue Sauce making appearances at countless company picnics, family gatherings and parties. People would take one taste and comment “I could just drink this sauce down,” and “this sauce is addicting,” and so the catch phrase was born: “Bootleg Barbecue, ‘Cuz You Can’t Lay Off the Sauce.”

After Bootleg Barbecue Sauce was shared with fellow co-workers Leo Vanwey and Todd Baab, the two men decided to join forces with Hall to establish Bootleg Barbecue LLC. This sweet and spicy sauce is now sold locally and will provide just the right kick to any meal. So go ahead, pick up a jar today and try Bootleg Barbecue Sauce and see for yourself why “You Can’t Lay Off the Sauce.”

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